Killer App for Expense Reports with Machine Learning


For companies, artificial intelligence (AI) can offer fundamental opportunities, such as the chance to obtain maximum value by applying this type of solution to their services, tools and data assets. Specifically, it is estimated that in the next few years the amount of data available to companies to support and improve their business processes and to model new strategies will continue to increase. Certainly human resources is also a field of ​​extreme interest in this context. This scenario includes the offerings of EcosAgile, one of the first companies focused on adopting AI and cognitive algorithms in the field of HR. 

Our goal in EcosAgile is to create solutions for personnel management that can enable simple and timely management of the company, and above all to add value to its business processes and data available.

Livio Pomi, CEO, explains “This is why we are among the pioneers in exploring the possibilities of using machine learning in the human resources sector, creating a field of ​​excellence in Italy. Some of our products have already introduced important concrete benefits available to our customers, such as the new eExpense mobile app, for the management of expense and travel reports, able to read and understand documentation of expenses, checking their quality, completeness, policies and greatly simplifying the expense management for the company and the employee.”


The use of artificial intelligence in human resources management will enable to streamline and automate many processes. HR managers will be able focus more on strategies and planning while employees can engage in more rewarding activities. Eventually, companies will generate new value.

“Marketing directors, sales managers, consultants, representatives, technicians, when attending an event or travelling to customers, are always struggling with tickets and receipts, while the company with the related issues of their collection, control and management” continues Pomi.” The eExpense App drastically revises the way in which the entire expense management and transfer process takes place today. It is quickly becoming the Killer App for the ‘out-of-pocket expenses’, for companies with consultants and staff on the go.”


The eExpense App allows at any time to automatically fill expense items and upload the image of supporting documents. In just a few steps and without any effort, you can easily manage expense reports with considerable savings in time and resources, while reducing the margin of error.

How does it work?

  • Smart scan: intelligent reading of the receipt; Once the photo is taken, the App reduces the information to be entered to send to a minimum, even at a later time.
  • Expense reports: possibility for customization, definition of expense and cost items, control over configurable and complex company policies, self and company expenses, carpooling, cost ranges, etc.
  • Receipts: through the App you attach the supporting documents of the expenses simply by taking their photo and uploading; very organized usability, intuitive and simple design.
  • Approval: approval workflow with the possibility of feedback from managers directly from the App.
  • Travels, reservations and advances: travel requests integrated with the booking of the means of transport and overnight stays; management of advance requests; guaranteed privacy and no advertisement of third-party services.
  • Receipts check: automatic check of receipt quality, completeness, readability and correct registration.
  • Open: provides data to the company’s administrative systems, with easily configurable extraction or through real-time API / Web Service integrations.
  • Data transmission: configurable extractor for sending data to payroll and to the Administration and Management Control.
  • Expense Sync: back-end synchronization based on signal availability and quality, offline expense reports registers, transmission integrity check.


  • High security standards, including 4 different proprietary anti-manipulation control algorithms.
  • Manages threshold company policies and binding or non-binding travels.
  • Performs exchange conversion for all currencies in the world with automatic exchange rate management.
  • Manages photos even with reduced network signal without compromising performance and navigation.
  • Manages the allocation of expenses to contracts or projects consistent with the allocations of people.
  • Associate expenses to the chart of accounts, providing integrated flows to the company’s administrative and payroll system.
  • Implements machine learning and OCR algorithms for quick expense compilation.
  • Provides managers with analytical and summary reports, complete with dashboards with interactive drill down.

For further information on the App for expense reports management and the application of AI.

Download the eExpense Brochure: Expense Report Management App with Machine Learning.

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