HCM 4.0

It is time to move

The new industrial revolution is now a reality and the changes it induces on HCM will be increasingly important in the near future.

And the attention of many is focusing more on where and how these changes will have an influence on the employment level in the future, with forecasts, in the medium term, quite alarming. But there are also optimists who tend to deny or minimize these harmful news, citing a constant capacity for renewal of the market and, consequently, work.

Getting into the controversy about how many jobs will be lost between 2025 and 2030 is very complicated not having available a credible amount of data that can confirm this trend, especially in an economic environment still unaddressed.

We know, however, that the way of working will have to change and that the paradigms that, up to now, have guided the management of personnel, are no longer current.

The reason? In industry & HCM 4.0  companies and people will have to know how to work using concepts and tools typical of digital business, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analysis, data integration, etc.

Progressively, but inexorably many of the current work activities will vanish while new professional figures will appear on the horizon, in consideration of this new innovation that will allow companies to remain competitive in their market.

This tells us how much it is necessary to increase the attention towards the company population, because only by knowing their peculiarities, which derives from ideas, enthusiasm, preparation and motivation, the desired change can be implemented.

And so the time has come to take the real first step towards a new business organization, increasing the exchange of information between people and the various levels of responsibility within the company with the involvement of everyone, no one excluded.

Are we witnessing the birth of a new model of corporate democracy? We can only say that companies, even the most digitized ones, are not always open to involvement with their collaborators.

Where to start?

Maybe from the simplest things, like throwing in the trash all those patchwork of heterogeneous applications and / or Excel sheets with which we presume to manage the theme of Human Capital Management (HCM).

The time has come for renewal, starting to adopt integrated systems, fast, easy to start up and use, allowing companies and employees to be “on line” at any time and anywhere.

This action will be the preparation to do many others, how to improve the quality of data on its staff, increasing the knowledge of each of them, remove the barriers that prevent a real change within the organization, facilitate communication between managers and its employees and globally simplify the processing of company bureaucracy.

These are the objectives set by the new HR Manager in a hypothetical HCM 4.0. Know, share, manage, organize, communicate and create teams. Quickly respond to new business needs by creating new professional figures when needed or by training existing staff, setting up suitable recruitment campaigns in line with the needs of the various departments, collecting suggestions, information, data that can further improve the company’s perception in the market and in the social community.

Many companies are moving in this direction, accumulating a considerable competitive advantage compared to those that remain stationary at the starting blocks.

Innovation does not make sense without progress. Progress involves all communities, including corporate ones.

No innovation without progress

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