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5 New Trends for Workplace Health and Safety

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New Organizational Models for Big Data & Analytics

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Recruiting: People Come First

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Watch Out Trends to Ensure Employee’s Well Being Mitigating safety hazards at the workplace has always been a primary concern for many organizations. Although the issue might seem like an ever-existing, traditional one for some companies, progressive ones know that the benefits of having a good Health and Safety policy is numerous and extensive. To …

Organizing analytics capabilities within an organization The term Big data is defined as “data whose volume, velocity, and variety make it difficult for an organization to manage, analyze, and extract value using current methods”, whereas analytics consists of the “processes of sense-making and useful insights generation”. It has increased its popularity threefold between the years of …

The Humane Side of Recruiting Recruiting is becoming more and more challenging where each and every position has to be filled immediately to build human capital faster and to reduce costs. However, it is important to remember the core of this profession: people come first. For this exact reason, recruiting is a profession that is …