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Proactive Recruiting: Talent Relationship Management (TRM)

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Adopt a Feedback Driven Company Culture

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Prepare for Artificial Intelligence in HR

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The New Frontier in Recruiting Recruiting high quality talent has always been an important source of value and a challenge at the same time for companies. In this ‘brave new world’, new work practices and the effects of social and mobile are emerging each and every day. Due to demographic changes and economic growth, candidates …

The Role of Feedback on Employee Engagement and Experience In traditional organizations, performance management systems are used to measure the alignment of individual objectives and strategic business goals. Therefore,  employees are engaged on their work based on this top-down system and at certain times pressured to achieve the agreed results. However, a different way of …

FROM THE ROLE OF AUTOMATION IN THE FUTURE OF WORKPLACE Artificial intelligence will enable automation at the workplace as certain activities that are performed currently by humans requiring human intelligence will be replaced by technologies with either physical or cognitive machine learning abilities. William Gibson, a science-fiction writer once said: The future is here, it’s …